Who is Jess Pendley?!

That’s a great question. I'm a ttrpg writer and designer currently focusing on the Cypher System, but I'm mostly the co-owner and editorial manager of Underground Oracle Publishing. You can chat me up on Twitter, I’m pretty cool.

What is Unplaytested Presents?!

Another fantastic question. This newsletter started as a way for me to express ideas that either didn’t fit into “the core canon” of our Underground Oracle Publishing works (or just literally hadn’t been playtested yet). That will still continue to be the heart of Unplaytested Presents, but I’ll also include my thoughts on various ttrpg-focused subjects, design diaries, etc.

It will remain a way for me to get up to all sorts of hijinks and monkeyshines unfettered by the expectations you sometimes face as a publisher. It will be a very rad time.

I’ll also use this newsletter to highlight other cool things that I see/spend my hard-earned cash on in the ttrpg and comics communities. Feel free to drop into the comments or hit me up on Twitter to turn my head toward things that you also think are awesome. I truly love awesome things. Bonus points when they’re created by awesome people.

How Do I Subscribe?!

You can just hit the following button. 👇

But How Do I Tell My Friends That They Should Subscribe?!

No worries! I have a button for that too. 👇👇

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Incredibly rad Cypher System and TTRPG miscellany from writer and designer, Jess Pendley.


Jess Pendley

I'm a ttrpg writer and designer, but I'm mostly the co-owners and editorial manager for Underground Oracle Publishing.