Who is Jess Pendley?

That’s a great question. I'm mostly a writer and designer bombing around in the ttrpg space.

If you're looking for exactly what I’m doing in said space at the moment, I’m the co-owner and editorial manager of Underground Oracle Publishing, one-half of Unplaytested Presents, and the community manager for the Rising Tide creator community.

You can chat me up on Discord or Bluesky, I’m pretty friendly.

What is Feral Mind?

Another fantastic question. This newsletter was originally called Unplaytested Presents and started as a way for me to express ideas that either didn’t fit into the core canon of our current Underground Oracle Publishing works or just literally hadn’t been playtested yet.

Since then, I’ve spun that name and the heart of the original goal into an imprint of Underground Oracle where I can create smaller bite, more experimental games and maybe quiet the tiny ttrpg ideas that stomp and rattle around my brain when I should be enjoying REM sleep.

The goal of the relaunch/rename/repurpose of this newsletter is to house all of the other noisy brain creatures that occasionally plague me. Things like my thoughts on various ttrpg-focused subjects, design diaries, etc. Also, since we’re in a state of social media combusting and crumbling around us and I would one day like this to be my only full-time job, I will advertise the things that I’m doing.

But I will try to be as cool about it as possible.

As of now, the core newsletter will contain the following sections:

The Hunt. Interesting happenings on my side of things regarding writing, publishing, community management, etc.

The Tuck. What I'm listening to/reading/watching/any other rad things I've found that assist in feeding the brain beasts.

The Dance. Highlights on releases, events, appearances, or other cool things from Underground Oracle, Unplaytested, Rising Tide, or anything else I’m involved in.

How Do I Subscribe?

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How Do I Tell My Friends That They Should Subscribe?

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TTRPG designer and writer. Pretty rad dude. She/Her 🌎 Co-owner/Managing Editor of Underground Oracle Publishing 🧪 1/2 of Unplaytested Presents 🌊 Community Manager of TTRPG Rising Tide